Whose Child is This Anyway?

To remind us that we are, indeed, in the “terrific” two’s, here is the story of our day so far that will make you go “awww” (and that might bite me in the tush and have Luca turn into a different little kid overnight…)

5:30 am – Jules yells (loudly)
5:31 am – silence
5:35 am – more yelling…followed by silence….then more yelling…. until 5:55 am at which point I give in and realize that my sleep time is over. I elegantly roll myself out of the bed (about as elegant as you can get after working out the night before), get dressed and feed the young starving child (who as it turns out woke up because a certain someone who shall remain nameless didn’t close her diaper correctly)

…somewhere around 6:05 am Luca wakes up, doesn’t make a sound, climbs out of bed, turns on the light in his room and plays with his cars until I am done feeding, burping, and changing his sister. Then we have breakfast. After breakfast, Juju is fussing in her little play gym and I (half jokingly) suggest to Luca to go and check on his sister. He runs on over, drops down on the floor next to her and starts goofing around with her, which she absolutely LOVES and…stops fussing.

….we drive John to work and before heading out of the car to go to preschool, Luca makes several points of waving and saying good-bye to Jules (not me, mind you)….

…after lunch, Luca and I play board games (a new favorite is the “Affenbande” matching color game) and I give him my usual heads up of ‘nap time is coming up, buddy.’ He gets up, picks up a few of Juliana’s toys, brings them over to her, gives her a kiss, and says “good night Jules” as he marches into his room to pick out a story for me to read to him… I read his stories, tuck him in, turn out the lights and leave the room – and for the first time since moving into his big bed, he doesn’t follow me to the door or sob for “Mama”….seriously, whose kid is this anyway?

Yes, it is really that much fun being home with them! (Just remind me of this story next week when they are tearing at my last nerve!)


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