It’s teething time in our household – just ask Juliana’s good friend Sophie, the giraffe! I decided to be a very understanding mom and be a companion during those awful teething times and have my wisdom tooth pulled so I can fully sympathize with her (cue in the mother-of-the-year award here, right?!). No picture of me here, you wonder? Well, I just can’t compete with that much cuteness!!!

In other news, now that teething pain lies far behind us (mostly for me, that is) …. we are gearing up for our trip to sunny Mexico! Yes, it’s winter time here in Sao Paulo with temperature dropping to a chilly 50F/10C which is reason enough for Paulistas to break out winter parkas, hats, and mittens. With many residents escaping the cold Brazilian winter, we decided to follow suit and meet dear friends for a much needed rest and relaxation!

Now back to figuring out packing and traveling logistics as I have learned this takes several days now that we have 2 kiddos in tow!

Happy 4th of July!


One thought on “Teething

  1. I find it funny that you even got your wisdom tooth out to sympathize with her. But I hope her teething phase ends soon, or else, Sophie the Giraffe will be filled with chew marks! Also, belated happy 4th of July!

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