And we’re back….

….we are back from a fabulous, fun and beach-filled trip to Mexico and after 24 hours of traveling, we are beyond exhausted (well mainly me and John as the kids had no problems cuddling up on top of us in the strangest of gymnastics on the plane to get their sleep and yelling at us if we moved so slightly). So give me a few days to work on a trip recap but let me give you a sneak preview…. this blog post will be dedicated to the letter Y (easy enough since we went to the Yucatan peninsula!). And we are not just talking about any old Y’s…no, they are happy Y’s. Y is Luca’s new favorite letter (a close second is the happy S) . Why is the Y happy, you wonder? Once Luca learned the letter (thanks to the Sesame Street video with Norah Jones “don’t know Y” – youtube it sometime for fun!), he started pointing it out everywhere he saw it and endlessly commenting on it. John randomly asked him if the Y’s he saw were happy or sad and then it stuck that they are and will be from now on, forever happy Y’s. So there you have it, mystery solved! Now back to unpacking and the mountain of laundry that we have brought with us…


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