Ode to the letter "Y" or how I spent my summer vacation…

Yes, we are back from a whirlwind vacation to the very HOT and sunny (and sometimes rainy as in the minute we stepped foot on Mexican soil and the entire next day) Mexico. Specifically, we set out to explore the Yucatan peninsula which was good timing due to Luca’s new appreciation of the letter Y (see my earlier post). We visited with State Department friends who were excellent tour guides and tolerated our kids’ noise and (sometimes?) funky behaviors like Luca’s million conversations about “bow wows” [dogs], cars, and the color yellow (again, another Y).

We arrived after a long flight (through the US since that’s “on the way” from Brazil) well rested (feel free to laugh out loud here!) and ready to play in the sand only to learn that the much-awaited rain has finally come to the peninsula which meant our first 30 hours were more or less spent indoors or in the car. And when I say in the car, this is what I mean….

….yes, the rental car seat created that much joy during our car rides…it was truly a relaxing experience for all passengers – thank you Thrifty (and thank you for recognizing that you indeed had received our car reservation but did not, in fact, have the car we reserved or the child seat we needed…)

The rain didn’t stop us and we dove into Mexican culture right away, meaning Luca found a new love for chips and salsa (yes as in spicy salsa) and Jules shared her love for Mexican food by promptly spilling all of John’s red sauce over herself and John when we were preoccupied with the other kid… nope, no picture for that one…

I came down with a terrible cold the first few days which left me voiceless (perhaps not such a bad thing depending on who you ask) but when the sun returned, so did my voice (coincidence?) and we were able to continue with our rest and relaxation which took place mostly here.

yes, it was a really, really tough vacation. I mean we had to actually walk to the pool and the beach….

Some of us also sported new swim wear and accessories and no, she was not a present although at times when she yelled ever so loudly, we were seriously contemplating that option…

We took in Mexican culture by venturing out to amazing Mayan pyramids in the sweltering heat…we were assured by both kids that culture was a must for all family vacations (I mean how do you say no to that?) and we are sure they will remember these ancient artifacts with fond memories of family fun.

…team “Yellow shirt” at the Uxmal pyramid

yup, those pyramids are really that high!

…we saw plenty of these so called “Mexican rats” at the pyramids…this one wanted to eat my kids, no seriously he did…

…Juju and me at the pyramids in Tulum….I did mention the sweltering heat, right, which caused me to cover every possible part of Juju’s body to avoid sunburns (I am such a good Mom!)?

Where are Luca and John, you wonder? Let’s just say that 2-year olds take in pyramids at different speeds than grown-ups which left poor John chasing after Luca in the heat ducking lizards and other tourists because I had my hands full with the other kiddo …

…we found the boys here at the bottom of the pyramids on the beach….yes, beach and pyramids…pretty neat stuff!

We ended our trip in Merida, a beautiful city in which we, in true gringo fashion, navigated the small and crowded sidewalks with a double stroller…. we do really try to fit in, don’t we?

At the grand placa, we stopped to enjoy the scenery and took a rest from the heat to chase after pigeons…ok, so only one of us actually chased the pigeons…

…and we only stopped chasing pigeons to point out (for the millionth time), the letter Y….can you see it in the branches here? Yes, there are LOTS of “happy Y‘s!”

But all vacations must come to an end … and since we didn’t think we had faced enough challenges, we took it upon ourselves to challenge our kids to a 24-hour trip home (consisting of long car rides and 2 flights). Very fortunately for us, United came to the rescue and played the movie “Cars”….which needless to say was on feedback loop the entire flight home on all 3 screens in our row.

Now it’s back to normal here in Brazil where Luca is still enjoying his winter break from preschool and I am helping the kids dive into new developmental milestones and challenges… stay tuned…more to come.


4 thoughts on “Ode to the letter "Y" or how I spent my summer vacation…

  1. Hi Nicole,wow sounds like an adventurous trip! Except for the long commute there and back which sound truly exhausting. I love how you find time to write these blogs and make them so interesting. You're a great writer btw. The photos look lovely and inspire me to take a trip to Mexico one day to visit the pyramids. Give my best to John.xoxo, Margaret in NYC

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