A list a day…keeps the insomnia away?

And we take a brief break from our regular family updates to discuss those fun realities of foreign service life that really don’t get enough attention but can really make or break a move. We are now 7 months or so away from leaving Sao Paulo which sounds about the right time to start making those lists…. currently, my computer (and my brain) is concerned with these types of lists:

– things to sell before pack-out (mostly kid-related stuff [note that I did not say “kids”] and books but also some furniture that I have been trying to get John to allow me to get rid of for what seems like an eternity …and John if you are reading this, our IKEA table will not be making its way back North again….there … I said/wrote it!)

– how to organize pack-out [this is where I start cringing and hyperventilating] – keeping in mind that we will have a small air shipment to transport possessions from Sao Paulo to DC (aside from the suitcases we will be taking on the plane) and that all of the other stuff will go into storage in the US which we can later have shipped to Vienna…. this brings the added difficulty of trying to figure out what things we would like packed in the same box, for example, it makes most sense to pack all of the appliances we will not be bringing to Vienna in one place (different voltage!) so that we can leave those in storage when we head to Europe (of course this means also supervising the packing crew which is another story altogether!) – knowing that we will not be seeing most of this stuff for a good 8 months might also inform what we will want to get rid of…

– organizing our time in the US. Once we leave Sao Paulo, we will be on home leave for a month before making our way to DC for training…. this means trying to figure out when to visit with whom, how to get us and all of our stuff that we took with us from Sao Paulo from point A to point B, and what to do about cars and cell phones. Of course, once we get to DC, I will need to figure out how to organize and spend our days while John is in training… I have to say I am really looking forward to being back in DC for the summer (and it is a nice plus to be moving from Brazilian summer to North American summer in one swift move!)

– getting ready for Vienna. Yes, it’s still quite some time until we will actually be in Vienna but we need to start looking at maps to figure out housing and neighborhood preferences, preschools, and transportation… we of course made the rookie mistake of diving into the Lonely Planet Austria and are now already making other lists in terms of places to visit…this is slightly derailing our efforts to keep on track with the more immediate logistical concerns…

Since I am a list-person (perhaps with some OCD?), I started putting a lot of this into an excel file to help with (the many) subsequent moves but it is still a work in progress….if anyone has any advice on dealing with those logistics, please pass them my way!


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