Don’t be fooled…

Don’t let this cute little face fool you….

Now that she is crawling, she is …. as in, I cannot leave her even for a minute to go to the bathroom, prepare a meal, or attend to another kid in the household…. because if I do, this is what I return to (after, of course, searching the apartment for her)…

…yes, she apparently turns into a puppy and starts eating shoes and socks or just goes completely monkey and starts climbing up on things…

…or actually pulls herself up to standing (which then leads to crying because she doesn’t know how to get down or because she falls ever so elegantly on her little behind)

And yes, we are ocassionally still dealing with these issues when she sleeps without her sleepsack…

And now, I bet, you stopped wondering why I haven’t updated in a while – because I can only move freely when she is asleep!!!


One thought on “Don’t be fooled…

  1. She's so cute! And I see so much of both John and you in her (and, of course, many similarities to Luca). Amazing! Get some rest whenever you can – she is definitely making you run these days!

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