Sneak Peek..

…of how we spent our Labor Day weekend in Brazil… that’s right. It was time for another fun family road trip – this time to the beautiful gold mining town of Ouro Preto in the Brazilian State Minas Gerais. The 8-hour drive (yes 8 hours with 2 kids!) there was uneventful and perhaps too easy so that we opted to make a stop on the way back to visit another city (Tiradentes). Unfortunately this side-trip resulted in navigational chaos as Emily sent us in the wrong direction for 2 hours [and no, we did not miss any obvious signs … let’s just say that signs giving directions on some Brazilian roads are unheard of…). This resulted in LOTS of family bonding time after some initial “guess” (blame?) work as to who was responsible for this mishap (in my defense, I was only holding the GPS device after asking it ever so lovingly to please guide us home…apparently Emily was not ready to trade the beautiful mountains views for concrete jungle just yet)…in any case, here are a view impressions of our adventures. More to come…

We were in the mountains indeed…

Enjoying beautiful street scenes…

Bonding with hilly roads and cobble stone (good-bye stroller, hello baby carrier!)

Jules and I often trailed behind the boys which resulted in one of my favorite pictures of our trip…


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