You’re not a "real" team until you have your song….

….so here is ours

Yes, we are Galinha Pintadinha land – a cute Brazilian video collection of fun and catchy tunes that have the benefits of

1) having subtitles (think kid karaoke) to help you understand what’s going on in the song…ok so the video itself also helps tell the story

2) entertaining little ones to watch and sing along … and most importantly

3) entertaining big people to watch and sing along (assuming you have been granted permission by a certain 2-year old…I’ve been hearing a lot “Nein, Mama!” when I chime in …)

Hey, when you’re stuck in a car for a gazillion hours each day, you learn to appreciate tunes such as this (gotta love songs about butterflies and chocolate), this (I for one also shake or “sacudi” when confronted with ants), and this (a certain 2-year old LOVES that song….can’t say that the other team mates agree with him on this one)….

…Team McDaniel will be performing Galinha Pintadinha through the end of this month in an undisclosed Sao Paulo neighborhood close (?) to yours!


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