Buenos Aires Recap (or more wine please!!!)

And we are back from a fun trip to Buenos Aires! Yes, it was a fun trip all around (I did mention we had a babysitter for two evenings, right?) and I can safely say that the kids loved Argentina as much as we did (let’s see if we can add in another trip before we leave South America…hm, perhaps that’s a bit too ambitious?).

Here are everyone’s highlights:

– riding a taxi
– hanging out and looking out of the windows at the airport
– flying on a plane (we almost got through take-off without crying…fine…melting down)
– riding a taxi
– taking the subte (subway in Buenos Aires) multiple times – he will let you know that it was a yellow train he rode (in fact if you ask him about it, he will tell you over and over again about the yellow train and how it stopped at each station and opened its doors and let passengers get in … well …you get the idea)
– riding a taxi

…do you see a trend here?

Oh and if you ask him a bit more about the food he ate, he will comment on the “sants” or croissants as we called the super delicious media lunas (a sweet pastry in the shape of a croissant but sooo much better than any old croissant) that we feasted on every day after discovering a close-by bakery (fine, I also feasted on other essential foods like chocolate-covered churros and alfajores….but we knew that was going to happen).

Juliana’s trip highlights:
– flying on a plane (without as much as a whimper during take-off and landing)
– enjoying her first subway ride (Luca was an old pro in comparison – he rode the Toronto subway at the tender age of one week)
– flirting with strangers and pretending to be as quiet as a mouse (until it was just the four of us)
– becoming increasingly more steady on her feet and squirmy when held (making for fun times for traveling I tell you!)
– sharing a room with her big brother (yes, it actually worked which is good news since they are going be sharing a room in our next home)
– exploring new places and getting into all types of trouble…over and over again (cue in an annoyed Mom and Dad chasing behind her)

Mom and Dad highlights:
– having two (that’s right….two!) evenings to explore a city we loved by ourselves without having to chase after kids and having to deal with meltdowns.

And meltdowns we had….including one full blown toddler category 5 one … Perhaps coincidentally, Luca’s favorite stuffed animal (a dog) – Rufus, who, yes, always travels with us – has since been subjected to multiple time out penalties brought upon him by his very own 2-year old owner who will suddenly look at him during play and say sternly “oh no, Rufus, …time out!” before marching him to Jules’ pack n play and leaving him there for an undetermined amount of time. Apparently Vygotsky wasn’t so far off with his social development theory….

I did mention we enjoyed (deserved more like it!) lots of fantastic wine as well, right?

But now, time for some pictures!

Can you see Luca’s excitement as he is waiting for the subway?

What’s not to love about a city with a zoo?

Or lots of playgrounds?

And finally, yes – you see correctly….our blog has finally been upgraded to the current millennium (check out the new design and fun right hand side….I mean, did you see that cool map?)!


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