My crazy animals

…and a happy Halloween to you!

Our kids continue to be party animals never missing a party (and seriously, in expat life there are A LOT of parties) and while one of them has some issues actually wearing his awesome costume that I found at a bazaar, the other one loves the attention she gets and doesn’t mind sweating bullocks wearing costumes clearly intended for the Northern Hemisphere…. and no, no matter what you think … Juliana is NOT a lion and Luca is NOT a horse or a bumblebee as both were mistakenly identified at tonight’s consulate party…. I mean, come on….how many yellow horses with brown spots have you seen in your life?

Pre-party pictures:

First up, the happy kid in costume….my little bunny

Next up, the awesome giraffe feeling not so awesome about wearing his awesome costume…

Everything is better in Mom’s lap….

Party pictures! Going from “simple” bunny to “revealing” bunny….unzipping her outfit so she can get some air! And yes, she does look more and more like John these days…

Apparently the happy, awesome giraffe came at the price of one lollipop, first piece of candy he received by trick or treating (the remaining candy stash has been conveniently swept away by candy-craving parents….)

Until next time….there’s a pile of candy with my name on it!


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