Our little trooper

…at almost 10 months, Juliana had yet to get sick (very much unlike Luca who by that tender age already endured countless ear infections). Tuesday though turned out to be a rough day for her (and me) as she had a very high fever all day (that Tylenol only brought down a little) and was fussy, sleepy, and not eating (and if you’ve met either of my kid,s you know something is VERY wrong when they refuse to eat).

I took her to the consulate nurse who checked her out and thought she was fine but then her fever spiked to 103F and once she started throwing up, I frantically called our pediatrician (yes, after office hours – did I mention that our doctors here are so fantastic that they freely hand out their cell phone numbers for these types of situations!?) who told me to take her to the ER….so off we went…to yet again another ER visit in Brazil (this would be our 4th if you are counting….one for Luca when we first arrived with a similar situation, two for me – both pregnancy-related including one in which I mentioned to John at 34 weeks that I thought I was in labor [and hence in a lot of pain] and he looked at me and casually said something along the lines of “yeah right, you’re not in labor”…only to find out that I was not so far off with my assessment….anyway – where was I?).

I have to say doing this for the fourth time now, I am a “pro” (I use this term loosely!) at telling illness-related issues to nurses and doctors and filling out all types of paperwork in Portuguese – I even got a few compliments on my language skills (perhaps people were just relieved they didn’t need to speak English?). Long story short, Jules is fine – she has a bad upper respiratory infection and is already feeling better. I did learn that the only thing more terrifying than getting blood drawn yourself is watching your baby having to do it … she was a great trooper though and proudly wore her band-aid the next day too! Let’s hope that this was our last trip to the ER in this country….


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