Healthy Kids?

As our kids are exactly 20 months and 1 day apart (yes, that’s just how we planned it), it was time this week for 10-month and 30-month pediatrician check-ups.

Little ladies first – Jules is continuing to grow, finally leaving the 25th percentile behind and moving steadily towards that 50th percentile for weight. She is a great eater for sure – often the first one at the table and the last one to leave only to go off and search for left-behind food from other eaters (she does all this without a single tooth ….nope, still no teeth on our little monkey). She now proudly weighs in at 8.4kg (18.5 lbs) and measures 70cm (almost 28″).

Luca did fantastic at his check-up today, only a few minor tears and protests during the whole exam (which was very different from his 2-year check-up…thanks to our doctor’s recommendation of getting a play doctor kit which apparently has been worth its money) – he checked out cute and healthy which earned him not 1 but 2 whole gummy lollipops that he promptly ate and talked about for the rest of the day. His stats? Keeping steadily around the 50th percentile – slightly below for height (90.5cm / 35.6″) and above for weight (14kg / 31 lbs = slightly less than 2 Jules…I did mention how my kids like to eat?)

So yes, both kids are healthy (minus perhaps some runny noses and coughs) and cute as ever….well perhaps yesterday was not the best day to call them ‘cute’ and ‘lovely’ – it was a veeeryyy long and whiny afternoon where each kid needed me 100% of the time ….all.the.freaking.time….and God forbid, I put anyone on the floor so that I could attend to her brother….let the drama wailing begin…. And no, Oma & Opa – no worries, by the time you come to visit next week, they will be cute and happy again, we promise!

What else is new here? Lots of lists and lists and more lists are going on….we are getting closer and closer to pack-out (and by close, I mean 3 months away – check out the countdown on your right…I did mention my German genes keep me organized and on track, right?) which roughly translates into

1) figuring out what needs to come with us to DC and what can wait until we see it in Vienna (keeping in mind that we may not want to bring everything here from to Vienna as in some electronic devices that are 110V), and

2) saying good-bye to things that don’t fit right anymore (funny story, as I was going through my clothes, I kept on having to part with old clothes because they are now too big….apparently my working out has paid off so that the 10-year old dress I thought I could pull of for the Marine’s Ball next week isn’t going to cut it anymore…yup, so I will be a bit under-dressed this year…oh well) or we just don’t need anymore (let’s just say that the consulate library is about to expand exponentially….can I get a shout-out for the kindl!?)

On top of that, we are playing a fun packing logistics game of figuring out what comes with us on the plane to the US to return to home leave destination #1 and then another plane ride to destination #2 followed by a long car ride to end up in DC while keeping in mind checked luggage fees (because nothing on a plane is free anymore, including milk for your children) and space in a car we have yet to see but know we are going to buy)

Yes, it’s overwhelming to do this but it’s also kind of liberating to go through all of our belongings and take inventory! Any packing-advice is welcome (fine, any advice on life with 2 kids in this crazy moving life is welcome!)!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Kids?

  1. Hi Nicole, We are heading to Vienna summer of 2012 as well and I have 2 wee ones pretty much exactly the same age. Emilie is 31 months and Eva is 10 months. I am trying to fill out the housing questionnaire – have you heard any advice on what districts, kind of housing to request?~Katie

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