Life’s a beach….

….at least if you are in Brazil that is… yes, it was a great week for everyone involved and I am still trying to clean out the last bit of sand that keeps on reappearing everywhere all.the.freaking.time.

Where were we? Oh yes, last you heard, my parents were coming to visit the chaos known as our life and spend a relaxing (?) week at the beautiful beaches on the Sao Paulo State coastline (bet you didn’t know that the words “Sao Paulo” and “beach” could be used in the same sentence with a beautiful connotation?). The kids looked forward to seeing Oma and Opa again and Luca talked up a storm about how they were going to babysit them when Mom and Dad (that would be us) would go out to the Marine Ball, which coincided with the date of my Mom’s arrival (cue in our exciting reactions when we realized the dates matched – I mean, free babysitting! In this crazy lifestyle? Awesome! And yes, we’ll take it!).

What follows is a picture recap of our adventures but we should take a moment to pause and acknowledge the many other potentially workable titles I could have used for this blog entry:

– Hi Oma, welcome back to Brazil….now please take these two screaming children and put them to bed while we go out and party on your first day here! Don’t let the clinging onto our pant legs and endless yelling stop you. Oh, and Opa, don’t mind driving us there since we can’t manage to get a single taxi in this city to drive us … (and come on, we all know that you don’t drive to these events on your own in high heels and with a full bar included in the ticket? We did mention it was the Marine’s Ball, right?)

– Adventures in potty training….at the beach…enough said (yes, I have been quiet about this major milestone in the little guy’s life – he’s out of diapers and I would say we are at a 95% success rate….having said that, it gets a bit ugly (? for lack of a better word!) when you keep on experiencing the remaining 5% over and over again on the same day, at the same beach, without a clean or nice bathroom in sight – which yes, would explain the recurring issues. Let’s just say that when you sign up to visit us, you get all of us 100% of the time, whether you like it or not! Let that be a warning to all of you!)

– How to leave as a crawler and return as a walker (yes, Jules is walking now….as in…walking alone…everywhere…all the time… and she is 10 months old at which point Luca kind of considered moving from the sitting stage to the slowly crawling phase…unbelievable that little girl!)

– How to cut your first 3 (yes, 3!) teeth and not voice a single complaint (yes, that would be the Jules again)

– How to perfect the art of building sand castles, tunnels, and other extravaganzas (perhaps surprisingly, the Oscar in this category would go to John who dropped off one kid with me when he needed to go potty and left the other with Oma only to return to his sand structure for more engineering work….I guess that degree is finally paying off!)

– Mastering the art of fetching and pouring water (“Oma, mehr Wasser” [Oma, more water] were frequent words spoken by a certain little 2-year old)

– How to spoil your grandchildren and sneak candy their way (I bet Opa didn’t plan on Luca telling his parents every little thing over and over and over again….”Mama, Opa….bom-bom!” Oh and Opa, don’t think that we didn’t catch your little gummybear present to Luca on his pillow when you left….thanks, it’s now Mommy-approved for deliciousness!)

…you get the picture! I’ll let the real pictures do the rest of the talking! Until next time, let me go and chase down our little walker again!

Family fun at the beach…

Sneaking in refreshing coconut water…
Goofing around…
Luca’s shirt says it all [when Mom and Dad say ‘no,’ I’ll just ask Oma and Opa]
Moving to that walking stage!
Water fetcher extraordinaire!

Swimming with the dolphins!

Diving into her first Thanksgiving meal….consisting of grilled fish, potatoes, and veggies; we’ll save the turkey for next year when we’ll need a warm meal in the cold Vienna fall!


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