I miss Target…well, the in-store version that is…

So, I now have a walking baby which means that she now needs shoes. Of course, I saw this ‘walking’ thing coming and readily ordered shoes a while back for her (remember that mail from the US takes FOREVER and a day to get here) – but who could foresee her walking so soon with such tiny feet? Of course now, it turns out that all the shoes she owns are too big….no biggie, you think, right? Just head on over to the store to buy her some that fit.

Even though I rarely buy anything here as it’s so darn expensive (no wonder our COLA is one of the highest), I made peace with the crazy prices here and decided to buy my daughter a pair of cute shoes for her little walking feet – at least one pair here – and then once we have her size confirmed, I’ll just order some more online…simple plan, right?

Shoe shopping at the mall this morning went almost uneventful, except of course that we had the choice of exactly 1 pair that was available and fit in the right size (and – gasp – they are BLUE…not pink…add more money to her therapy jar as she keeps on still getting confused as a boy by local Brazilians since her ears are not pierced…insert my really annoyed face).

Yes, she is wearing them proudly and even Luca is a little jealous of them and I am just relieved we got her real shoes in time so that she can put them outside our door this evening for Nikolaus (yes, despite what you read, we celebrate on the 6th) to arrive!

Perhaps ironically the online shopping part has been a disaster – I’ve spent all afternoon (speak all of the kids’ nap time!) trying to buy some shoes without paying ridiculous shipping charges (just when you thought you had enough items in your cart, you realize that not everything qualifies for free shipping…argh) and after researching more than 3 sites/stores, I am walking away without anything to show for other than frustration…Nikolaus better have some chocolate for me tonight, that’s all I am saying!


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