Nikolaus came to Brazil

Nikolaus came and went yesterday evening, stopping by briefly only to knock on the door to let the children whose shoes were patiently waiting to be filled with goodies know that he has made an appearance. Unfortunately for us, Luca fully expected a real person to come by and was utterly confused that Nikolaus had simply knocked, left presents, and ran away (I guess I should have checked with his teachers to find out what stories they were telling him about Nikolaus). Luckily he bounced back quickly after realizing there were presents with his name on them as well as some chocolate treats that, of course, the little monkey had gotten to first….

Wait a minute – are those all for me? And yes, she is double fisting the chocolate!

Jules was ready to dive into her finds while Luca was still trying to comprehend the situation of the missing Nikolaus…

Opening the goodies!

Yes, our kids are siblings indeed – they even have the same squatting position to open their presents!

The loot….not a bad night, right?


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