Two wins!

That’s right! My baking skills won not one but two prizes today at the Consulate’s holiday party – most creative and most gourmet 🙂

What did I make? An all-time family favorite from my very wise German baking book – Nussecken (Nut bars). I have made them a bunch of times before without any problems but of course this time around, I was battling an oven that threatened to burn my baked goods before they were supposed to leave the oven…. some say that I *might* have been a little sour last night when I was glazing the yummy treats without trying to break them….but it seems that taste won over looks so ‘yay’ for me!


One thought on “Two wins!

  1. Awesome! Tyson napped till almost 4:30!!!! So…we obviously missed it. Bummer! We thought about leaving around 4:30, but we figured it would be over once we got there. See you later this coming week.

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