Bet you didn’t know…

…that orange is Luca’s new all-time favorite color. Green is a close second favorite and if someone would just find an article of clothing that features an orange car on a green background or the other way around, well, let’s just say, you might just become a new favorite person…Seriously, I need to hide all orange colored pieces of clothing (especially those neon shorts! Thanks Oma!) as Luca insists to wear them all the time (except the other day when he insisted on wearing a polo shirt to go to the playground – I admit, I felt a bit underdressed next to him in my jeans and t-shirt).

In other news – we’ve been having lots of fun playing with all the new toys that Santa (and family) brought…and we are slowly but surely getting ready for someone’s FIRST birthday coming up next week. Can you believe it’s been a year already? I sure can’t!!!


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