Who’s afraid of….Santa Claus?

…yes, that would be our kids!

They are apparently terrified of the Weihnachtsmann (or “Weimann” as Luca likes to call him) as these fantastic pictures from the Consulate Holiday Party show. Many kudo’s to the officer who dressed up as Santa as it was boiling hot that day – and more kudos for the patience he had with the little ones…Let’s just stay that it took a candy cane plus some sweet talking to get Luca to agree to sit on Santa’s lap….Jules, well – apparently she was super happy just seconds before this picture was taken or so I am told – I was chasing the other kiddo at that time!

By the way, these fabulous pictures were taken by Richard Salazar, a professional photographer and spouse of one of the officers! Thanks again Richard for volunteering your time and expertise!


2 thoughts on “Who’s afraid of….Santa Claus?

  1. Those pictures are priceless! Not just for the trepidation on your son's face and your daughter's melt down, but for the calm expression on the Santa who is loosing his beard! Definitely keepers!

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