Can someone please tell me how a year has gone by so quickly?

A year in which we have gone from this…

…and this….

to this…

Yes, exactly one year ago today, we welcomed this little bundle of energy into the world – happy, happy birthday to the cutest, funniest, loudest, and cutest (did I already say this? My bad!) 1-year old girl we know.

How are we spending the day? Doing girlie things like getting a first hair cut! Luca graciously agreed to play the role of big brother and hold her hand in case she cries (or yells, rather, which I am almost 100% sure is exactly what is going to happen!).

Following girlie make-overs and lots of play/perhaps even swim time (it’s summer here!), there will be lots of ‘happy birthday’ singing. Both kids just LOVE the Portuguese version of ‘happy birthday’ and who’s to blame them as it’s much more exciting than the English or German versions. You don’t know it? Check this video out – and start practicing because our new family tradition is to sing ‘Parabens pra voce’ for every one of Juliana’s birthday no matter where we live….after all, she was born here!

Ah and yes, there will be cake too….lots of it….or so has been requested by a certain older brother who I am sure is solely looking out for his little sister’s interest!

Happy birthday Juliana!


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