Simple pleasures

This past weekend, we escaped the urban concrete – for the final time before leaving post – and headed south to the Brazilian coast outside of Sao Paulo. Friends recommended a cute and cozy pousada in a tiny little beach town known as Toque Toque Pequeno. The town is so small that there is not a single store and only two restaurants.

See that background? That’s the beautiful Mata Atlantica – the greenery covering the hills all the way to the ocean…. See those clouds? Yes, they were there pretty much all weekend but the drizzles and tropical downpours did not stop us from having fun one bit… I mean, did you see this beautiful landscape?

Ah…nature….not one piece of concrete…

Inside of one of the restaurants – not a bad view, right?!

To celebrate our final dinner and to praise the kids for being super fantastic while we were all camping out in one room (and they actually slept/napped without problems when and where they were supposed to which translated into a super relaxing weekend for us grown-ups), we (fine, I) decided (after taking in the beautiful dessert menu), that they deserved a chocolat-y kind of reward.

This is the “dessert is on its way to our table shot” – can you spot the excitement????

Yes, a brownie and ice cream!!!! With 4 spoons that is!

Digging in…

No one was left behind…

And there you have it.

An almost perfect weekend had it not been for our fight against the local wildlife which included dozens, yes, dozens of insect bites – mosquitos are nothing compared to these awful little Brazilian critters – and my one battle against a teeny, tiny crab that bit me the one time it was actually warm enough and not raining to be in the ocean. Note that the Paulista who was swimming in my arms at the time did not get hurt in this process – nope, all pain was inflected on my toe, which I must add did not stop other family members from making fun of the situation. I guess we’ll just see how the winter sport of ice skating affects this particular family member come next January in Vienna …. 🙂


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