And then there was…

There are rarely few dull moments in this family – that’s for sure.

We came back from the beach with two adults complaining more and more about extremely sore throats – so sore that I could barely eat or speak (perhaps not such a bad thing *some* might have thought although those thoughts were kept in private) and while John’s sore throat took well to the iburprofen, mine dragged on and on and started to affect my hearing as well (again, *some* might have thought that wasn’t such a bad thing). Turns out that at my very ripe age of 30+ years (or 1 if you ask Luca who remains convinced that both Juliana and I are the same age), I became the lucky winner of my very first ear infection. Yes, I can now relate to how painful those infections are…Thankfully, our fantastic consulate nurse and antibiotics came to the rescue so that I made a quick recovery…..just in time for….

…Luca to get sick. Wednesday was a holiday here and we had lots of play plans – but around 5:30am those became quickly replaced by the fun and fantastic chore of….cleaning up vomit. Poor little guy could barely keep anything down and spent most of the morning throwing up. Very fortunately for me, Luca prefers Papa during those times of distress so while I was able to go back to bed and take the little troublemaker out for some playtime (and away from her brother’s germs), John took over the cleaning and empathy chores so that he…..yes, he could get sick himself, the very next day….on his day off…

With no one else around to help clean up (where is our fantastic empregada/household helper when you need her in the wee hours of the night???), I was back to the cleaning task, which turned out to be good preparations for this morning when I encountered a funky smell as I opened Juliana’s bedroom door. Yes, off the PJs came and to the bathtub she went (and by bathtub, I still mean large Rubbermaid container as we have no bathtubs in the entire apartment – we do, however, have 5 bathrooms….). Now all 3 “kids” are asleep and hopefully will awake vomit and germ-free. From Luca, patient 0 of this bug, we know there is no fever associated and the vomit usually stops within 12 hours. So, here’s to hopefully 6 more vomit-free hours for me…. For me, I am going to continue hugging my antibiotics until this thing has passed.


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