Yes, that’s me at the moment – antsy. Antsy as in not being able to sit still and needing to organize every possible household item by either donating or selling it – or, if we’re hanging onto it – deciding whether to classify it

“UAB” (“unaccompanied air shipment” or 700 pounds we get to ship to Washington DC for our temporary stay there),;

“HHE” to Vienna (“households effects” – items to be placed in temporary storage in the US before they meet us in Vienna when we get there later this year);

“HHE to storage/US” (household items going to “permanent” storage in the US – we won’t see these things again until we are posted in Washington DC which can be a few years…); or

“suitcases” which will literally comprise all those things that can be carried on the plane with us. At the moment we are at 4 suitcases [although we could take 8 but that poses problems later when we take domestic flights with these crazy baggage fees and never mind trying to navigate an airport with all that stuff!]; 2 car seats; 1 double stroller; 2 kid backpacks that are super cute but that neither kid wants to actually carry because they are “too heavy” to quote a certain toddler; 2 adult backpacks containing valuable electronic items [as in DVD player and ipad to entertain little people during the flights]; a large purse full of extra clothes, diapers, and more toys; and finally a duffle bag for all those loveys our kids cannot cope without (hello Rufus and Wolfie!).

Most items around our apartment are now more or less color-coded with sticky notes to signify to the movers whether these things are staying here (as in consulate furniture) and those going to either Vienna or the US. Yes, we like colors and organization….oh, sorry – I meant I like organization.

This is our first move with the kids (well, Luca) more or less aware of what’s happening so we have been talking about it periodically although we’re not calling it a ‘move’ (as in we’re not coming back…) but as in a ‘big trip’ and an ‘adventure’ (at this point we can still play that card…got to milk it as long as we can). He knows our itinerary and that we’re going to see Grand-Mom and Grand-Dad and Oma and Opa first before we arrive in our new apartment. We also started talking about how some of his toys get to go on the plane with us (there was a definite demand for Rufus and his Thomas trains to accompany him and some of his books) and that his other toys would come and meet us a little later. So far, in theory, he’s with us….I am not so sure about next week though when the movers will actually box away his things. We’ll see … we’ll make sure he won’t be around to witness that. He’s already excited about being able to pack his own backpack with all the things he will want to play with on the plane.

Of course, my need for organization doesn’t stop once the movers leave – oh no, I am already making my first shopping list at Target (oh how I have missed you!), arranging for cell phones so we have them upon arrival, and scheduling appointments for those doctor visits you drag out as long as you can (yes, that means the dentist). And when I have a moment to rest, I can’t sit still (remember, I am antsy?!) and I run to my computer to review my list of things to pack and do before adding more.

Alright – rest time is up. I am sure there is something waiting for me to sort through and bug John about on whether he “really” needs that thing in DC….


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