Tchau Sao Paulo

I won’t lie. I wasn’t too crazy about coming here. I *may* have been a bit surprised (shocked?) once our destination was revealed at flag day and gradually over time, as our departure for Brazil became more and more imminent, I slowly began to take to the idea of living in Sao Paulo. Fine, I was mostly getting excited about living in Brazil (hello beaches!)…not in Sao Paulo per se as I was concerned about crime, traffic, and pollution (ok, mostly crime).

Fast forward 2 years later… yes, we (fine, I) did have initial problems adjusting and getting around (as in ‘seriously, I am going to have to drive here amongst crazy drivers and maddening traffic without any easy landmarks to help me figure out where on earth I am?’) and Sao Paulo *might* not be the prettiest city and yes, traffic, pollution, tremendous social inequalities, and associated crimes of opportunity continue to be major challenges that residents and visitors face daily… so, the city itself we will probably not miss so much.

But that’s just the city and not the entire story of our two years here….What we will certainly miss are our fabulous friends we made here who have let us into their lives to share milestones (births, birthdays, farewells) and helped us navigate the up’s and down’s of parenting and living abroad.

To all of our friends who have been so kind to us over the past two years and especially to those who have made our last few farewell/despedida get-togethers so special….thank you…obrigada…vielen herzlichen Dank…muchas gracias…tack…kiitos… (and yes, one of the joys of coming to Sao Paulo is that you will meet people from literally all over the world).

Next stop – US. Stay tuned to see how we function back “home.”


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