Happy easter & merry Christmas!

The Easter Bunny visited us last weekend and the kids had lots of fun looking for their little baskets. Some of the goodies (other than the chocolate “bon-bons” as Luca still calls them), there was a chef outfit for a little cook and a Cars book….both a big hit.

Who said only girls can pull off a pink apron?

The outfit came to be particularly handy when the kids finally received our Christmas present….(we opted to not ship the kitchen to Brazil as we were packing out 6 weeks after Christmas). Please note the excellent craftsmanship on the kitchen that was very lovingly and very patiently put together by two happy parents in the wee hours of the night (around step 8, we did open a beer to celebrate our progress). Yes, it did take about 2 hours to put it all together and, to put it formally on record, this is the first time such wood assembly took place in true team fashion without any arguments (unlike our first attempt many years ago at putting our Ikea desk together….during which we had to take a break from the project and each other to sort out our diverging “putting things together” philosophies).

In other news, we have been super-busy enjoying this easy life here, state-side. It really didn’t hit me how challenging Sao Paulo was as a place to live with children until we came back here (well, yes I realized at post that it wasn’t the easiest place to entertain little ones) but here, we are simply overwhelmed by all the fun and affordable options we have literally at our doorstep to entertain the kiddos like going to any of the amazing and fun parks in the area, story time at the library, or taking music and gym classes at the community centers.


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