We took the kids to the Air & Space Museum yesterday (the one at the National Mall) and to say that they loved it would be a huge understatement! We originally thought we would just take a little, quick peek around until their energy and patience ran out but we ended up spending over 2 hours inside and it took a bit of convincing to get them (or Luca, rather) to leave (and only after a stop at the gift store so they could bring home their own little space shuttles).

It is one of my favorite museums and I am still amazed by how much interest Luca had in every exhibit that we saw. He sat and watched a lot of the demonstrations but by far his favorite exhibit was the one on space travel. I am currently brushing up on my physics and related German vocabulary to move beyond my current repeating conversation of space shuttles needing a lot of fire and energy to get off the ground…and yes, Luca…that is very, very hot and no, you can’t touch that…

Overwhelmed by all the planes…
Taking in a demonstration on thrust and velocity (I know….fascinating, right?!)

Just staring at the Moon Landing exhibit….try to break that one down to a (almost) 3-year old level!

Mesmerized by the video of the launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery which we watched, over, and over, and over again (thank you Museum for keeping it on instant replay mode!)

Imitating the take-off with his own space shuttle that now sleeps in bed with him as well…

Taking in the Carousel on the National Mall….with handy Space Shuttle in hand…

And, speaking of Space Shuttles (as I am now getting more and more interested in space travel as well..I am currently rereading a fun book about it!), this week is going to be pretty cool for Space Lovers in the Washington area as the National Air & Space Museum will be welcoming the real Space Shuttle Discovery to display at the huge hangar by Dulles airport. Check out this link for more information! I think I know what we’ll be doing this week…


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