Fun with Space Shuttles – Round 2

After last weekend’s fun and successful outing to the Air & Space Museum at the National Mall, and after watching countless youtube videos of space shuttles launching and landing, and after countless renditions of how much fire is necessary to launch a space shuttle….and after watching Space Shuttle Discovery literally fly over our heads as it was being transported to its new home, the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center (also known as “the other, bigger part of the Air & Space Museum”), we simply could not turn down the opportunity to check out Space Shuttle Discovery for real in its new home this weekend.

And boy – it surely did not disappoint. The Center was filled with endless activities, simulations, and exhibits geared towards kids and space travel. It was awesome….did I already mention that?

Here she is… and as noted by Luca “it’s really big Mom….really big”

A big hit with the kids was the “toddler zone” – a place where they could run wild (very important for Jules who was just begging to climb over something), try their best at being astronauts, do puzzles, and have someone read stories about space shuttles. We were impressed – pretty cool stuff for the kids!

Getting excited about trying on a space suit…or, well, anything orange for that matter!

Not everyone was so pleased with the absence of color choices in space suits…

In related (sadder) news, I learned I don’t have much potential as an astronaut. I got motion sick after watching a simulated landing of the Space Shuttle…the even sadder news is that nothing was in motion during the entire demonstration – just watching it made me queasy for a good hour….oh well…I guess now I won’t have to brush up on all that physical engineering non-sense one needs to understand this whole space travel business! Phew…


3 thoughts on “Fun with Space Shuttles – Round 2

  1. Oh, too funny, my dad took Nick there last Thursday! I know they had a great time, but wonder if he found the kiddie area? Nick actually has that astronaut costume at home and just loves it (it can also double as a super hero costume and others…).

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