3 years in the life…

It’s hard to imagine but apparently it’s true (unless our calendars are incorrect)…today is Luca’s 3rd birthday. Happy, happy birthday to the cutest, funniest, and sweetest little boy we know. [Although he has been known – on very, very rare occasions – to drive us a little bit crazy….but we won’t dwell on those very few instances :-)]

Here he is pictured in his true element – at the Air & Space Museum – where we appear to be living these days with his handy little space shuttle in hand. We have had a super busy birthday weekend celebration including a Hibatchi dinner (where Juliana was not impressed by the fire the cooks created), a visit to the Air & Space museum (of course), a ride at the Carousel on the National Mall (which he LOVED), and a Day with Thomas (and no, not just any old Thomas…but the real Thomas the Tank Engine who was visiting the Baltimore Railroad Museum).  Yeah, we are pretty awesome parents…

In other news – yes, I know…I seem to have dropped off the blog world but in my defense, we have been so busy exploring the area and visiting the Zoo and countless museums and story times that I am ready for bed as soon as the little ones are tucked in….but, I promise to be better….Until next time – now, it’s time for cake!!!!


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