A week in the life…

Yes, I know – way back when, I promised to be more up-to-date on posts while in DC but honestly, time is not on my side these days. And that is, actually, a good thing. There is just so much going on here that every day is filled with tons of things to do (parks, playdates, museums, doctors’ visits…you name it). On top of it all, we received our (tentative) housing assignment in Vienna, which roughly translated into frantic bonding with ‘google maps’  and extensive “google-earthing” of the area, as well as intense research on preschools (me; just to give you a taste – the first reply I received mentioned that the preschool was not only at capacity but that there were 68 other children already on the waiting list!), and intense research on the closest bakery and beer garden (John). 
In any case – both kids are napping at the moment so now is as good a time as any to play catch up – our new edition, entitled “a week in the life” as in “a week in the life of two [spoiled?] kids who loved every moment of having not just one but TWO grand-mothers here and a grand-dad who made a bit of a later appearance!” Yes, both Oma and Grand-Mom came to celebrate Luca’s 3rd birthday (after all, this was his first birthday ever in the US) so party we did…
With some pretty awesome-looking and tasting cake (Can you guess our party theme?)

No children’s party is complete without the ever-exciting and just plain fun game of “Schokoladenessen” (“eating chocolate” – what’s not to love about a game that involves kids eating chocolate?) – oh fun it was, indeed!

Luca may have received a gift or two for his birthday, but really, who’s counting?

Birthday fun was followed by a grand-motherly instructional session on Angry Birds 

 Slumber parties were a daily occurrence

And once the rain stopped, we actually made it to the National Zoo

Grand-parents received play-by-play instructions on how to ride those trains

Space shuttles were admired (although not by everyone as a certain little 3 year old needed some out-of-picture time – and he repeatedly reminded me throughout the day “Mama, kein Foto!”)

But sometimes Mama can be very sneaky and get a complete action shot of museum fun….

And, sometimes, Grand-parents too get to choose outing destinations – a fun day at George Washington’s Estate in Mount Vernon (which, for the record, is actually a lot further away from here as it might appear on the map).

Yes, there you have it – two happy grand-kids who loved a week getting all the attention they could possibly ask for (and two happy parents who got to enjoy two much-needed date nights!).

See those cute little happy faces and smiles? Yup – those were on constantly throughout the entire week (no tears or melt-downs to speak of….*ahem*)…

Next up? Family fun and action continues with John’s immersion trip to the German-speaking capital of the Northeast. Stay tuned!


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