Another week in the life….

…yes, I know – I should really start working on those update titles, right? But yet again, another week (or so, who’s really counting at this point anyway?) has gone by without any news on our end so yes, that means, it’s time….again….for another weekly/ish update! [At least this time I present a new blog look as well, that should count for something, right?]
Last you heard from me, we had wrapped up a fun visit with the grand-parents to celebrate Luca’s 3rd birthday and we were setting sail for an undisclosed location so that John could be fully immersed in German language and culture. During language training, some departments/courses travel to the area in which the studied language is spoken so that students can be immersed in language and culture for a week or so – and yes, as you might imagine, these trips are usually headed to destinations outside of the US but this time around, the German department decided to visit the “German-speaking capital of the Northeast US”(as I like to call it, anyway) – NYC. 
Let me just say what a fantastic decision that was – did I mention that I absolutely love NYC and once (pre children – a life I vaguely remember now) called our home. In fact, it is probably the one city I call my home (such a loose concept in our life). And yes, if you must know, I miss it all. The craziness. The hustle. The noise. The crowds. The smell. The diversity. The food. The people. I miss it all. 
In any case, while John was very busy studying German, taking in German food and art, and meeting very important people to speak German with, the kids and I were very busy ourselves having tons of fun, enjoying the sun, and meeting up with dear friends (some of whom have officially been elevated to “aunty” status after spending the day with us and our chaos). 
We certainly did not miss any opportunity to ride, yet again, another carousel.

What other fun can be had in 90F weather than hanging out at an out-of-the-city farm to pick strawberries? You should be glad to know that no child-labor laws were broken during this session. All working children were rewarded with unlimited strawberries and perhaps a cup or so of chocolate ice cream. As long as they picked some good-looking strawberries, that is…

Aunty Heidi had perhaps the best idea to entertain little kids while in NYC – a visit to the USS Intrepid museum, by far Luca’s highlight other than seeing tall buildings, riding the bus, and going over bridges and through tunnels. [Yes, I realize we seem to be living at museums involving various devices of transportation!]

Mandatory group picture in front of the Blue Angel, Luca’s favorite plane.

Flying on his own…

Aunty Heidi in full entertaining glory!

In other news – we now have an official address in Vienna! We are very happy with the location and the information we have on our new place (except, perhaps, that we can’t move into our new place right away – we’ll be in temporary housing for a few weeks. On the bright side, that will give us a chance to explore new neighborhoods and parts of the city). I guess the countdown for Vienna is on….10 more weeks or so State-side….time surely flies!


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