Summer fun

Summer finally arrived in the ‘burbs and so did John’s sister with her family for a fun-filled weekend of DC sightseeing and swimming. 
The 10 of us (yes, 10 as in TEN people including 6 kids who all magically fit into our 2 bedroom apartment without any problem AND, amazingly, all managed to head out the door before our 9am planned departure….can we get a woo-hoo for that, please?) spent the days wandering along the National Mall (along with about 200,000 girl scouts who were “rocking the Mall” themselves) and taking in the museums and monuments. The kids loved the Air & Space (of course!) but I was particularly excited to see the Martin Luther King Memorial.

Our afternoons were spent leisurely at the pool – yes, a super fun visit all around!

And, speaking of pools – I just bought new floaties for the kids (“puddle jumpers“) that are literally a life-saver when you’re in the pool alone with more than one kid (and they are US Coast Guard approved which is a great bonus!). I was very anxious about having to take the kids swimming alone as Luca was not comfortable being in a pool and Juliana was usually the first one to jump in completely disregarding any potential danger. With the puddle jumpers though, they can both float around the pool alone and Luca spent the better part of the morning racing around the pool just holding onto my little finger! Alright, that’s enough endorsement for products that don’t pay me….


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