Nature, caverns, & wine

Nature, caverns, and wine – yes, those were all the perfect ingredients for a fun Father’s Day outing to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley (about 1.5 hours from DC). 
We visited the Luray Caverns (which included a 1 hour guided tour that may or may not have been a wee bit long for two adventurous toddlers), explored the on-site car museum (we are still trying to figure out the connection between caverns and old cars but hey, the kids loved it – and – the museum shop sold fudge….again, I am not sure about the connection between caverns, cars, and fudge but …again…it worked and appeased everyone!), picnicked, played silly hide and seek games, and then did the ultimate “nature-lovers” thing – we went wine tasting (yes, with kids in tow). A local tour guide at the Cavern recommended this winery as a nice place to sit and take in nature (and wine) so that’s where we headed….and I mean, can you compete with this view?
And, it gets better. The wine was good. The sun was out. AND….the kids cooperated and played peacefully for a few hours so that we could, in fact, really enjoy it all….super fun day (special shout-out and thanks to our friends and their kids who joined in on the adventure)! 

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