5 museums in 3 days or how to keep your kids really busy in DC

Our friends and family know how much I enjoy living here in DC (well, the ‘burbs that is) because there is just so much for kids to do (if you are in the area, aside from the DC attractions, also make sure to check out some of the awesome Arlington parks and playgrounds!). We take advantage of all we can do here so we end up going downtown pretty much every chance we have to revisit favorite museums or explore new ones (and yes, sometimes it seems we practically live at some of them – I suppose there are worse things, right?). 
Considering that there are so many free options (got to love Smithsonian!), it shouldn’t be a big surprise that we ended up visiting multiple museums…and the kids had tons of fun too not just because they are just really fun museums (ok, perhaps they were not as impressed in the American History Museum by Michelle Obama’s Jimmy Choo shoes that she wore with her inaugural dress as I was) but a lot of them have fun and kid-friendly exhibits like the ImagiNATION activity-zone in the American Indian Museum. And of course, nothing in this household can beat either one of the Air & Space museums (yes, we went to both so that Luca could show off his favorite planes to our old/new friends who were visiting this weekend). 
But that was only 4 museums in 2 days so we opted for a fun outing yesterday in complete commuter style – taking the metro (an all-time favorite activity) – to add a 5th museum….the National Building Museum. We had visited before and really had a fun time….the Building Zone playroom has to be toddler heaven. This time around I brought my camera and we even ventured to see the Lego exhibit that, once again, was very hands-on fun for little people. 
In the Building Zone, kids can play and build at their heart’s desire (or until time of your paid-for session is up….) – we started there where Luca worked with some pretty big Legos…
…and after a snack, we headed upstairs for the “real” Lego exhibit and ooh’d and aah’d over this display of a Lego metro station (no, my kids do not like to smile for staged photos it seems)

…then we played with some real Legos for a little while (while another younger household member was busy running circles around the Lego exhibits)…

…we ooh’d and aah’d again some more trying to count all the Legos it took to build tall structures…

 …then headed back to the Building Zone so that young people could relax from their wild running…

…we discovered magnetic blocks that kept us busy for a while…

…and of course, stopped by the gift store before we headed home…(hello engineer Jules)

And what’s the best way to end a fun marathon of museums? Taking a swim in the pool….and that’s just what we did when we came home (and the kids called their 25-minute snooze their nap for the day!)…sometimes it can’t get better than this 🙂


2 thoughts on “5 museums in 3 days or how to keep your kids really busy in DC

  1. Have you eaten at the American Indian museum? The food is really expensive, but SO yummy and different from your typical cafeteria!

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