When the power goes out….the fun still continues…

We are no newbies to power outages. During our tour in Brazil, we pretty much expected to lose power anytime it started to rain a bit heavily. So, we are used to spending our time without power – no internet (boring!) and no lights (you learn to squint really well when reading over a flashlight!) – but overall, the longest time we ever lost power in Sao Paulo was probably around 6 hours (after what could only be described as monsoon rain). In Brazil, we dutifully stocked up on candles, matches, flashlights, and batteries – that was not so much the case here so when the power went out for a whopping 72 hours last Friday night, we were left in the dark (let’s have a shout-out for all those electronic devices that can be used as a flashlight!). 
Yes, it was hot and sticky and we felt pretty yucky but there were still plenty of things to write home about….
The Good
– we were able to run lots of errands that needed to be done (unfortunately, we were so not alone at the mall)
– the kids were awesome troopers and never complained about the heat or having to schlepp up and down 7 flights of stairs (Luca now actually chooses to take the stairs rather than the elevator; crazy kid…I did mention 7 flights of stairs, right?)
– that electric outlet in our car came in oh so handy to recharge dead cell phones!
The Not-so-good
– living on the top floor of a flat-top building is not the best place to be spending several hot (as in 100F hot!) and humid days without power (ring in memories of our old little place in Brooklyn….)
Nevertheless, the loss of power did not stop us one bit from having tons of fun….we just realized we needed to be more creative to increase time spent indoors with lots of A/C…
First off – we set off to explore yet again another museum in DC – the National Postal Museum – that I had heard about having lots of kid-friendly stuff….and boy, it did not disappoint….
Aside from the very-much needed air conditioning, we saw postal trucks and planes! (Yes, we were won over at that point!)

Jules practiced her driving and delivering the mail skills…and yes, she loves her sun hat but now insists on only wearing it indoors…

John and Luca played a huge ipad-like game on delivering mail across the US

The kids were busy stamping letters…

 …and sorted parcels and packages…

After the Postal Museum, we took a walk around the Capitol and ended up…..

…in the Air & Space museum where I am sure we are now officially part of the inventory…

Back at home, we desperately needed to cool off

Which we did…

Thoroughly…(yes, that is a bruise on her nose as she ever so elegantly fell flat on her nose while running on concrete….she followed that up a day later with busting up her knee while doing the same maneuver. I now travel with a first-aid kit at all times….)

And, when FSI was closed due to the power outage, we headed east to Annapolis where we visited the Naval Academy (more space stuff and boats to take in!)

…and ended our visit with a Harbor boat tour…

All in all – yes, it was hot and sticky and humid, but we also managed to have lots of fun…. and perhaps most importantly, learned to appreciate power and air conditioning so much more!


One thought on “When the power goes out….the fun still continues…

  1. Oh 7th floor of Oakwood with no elevators – brings back memories! Didn't you have to schlep Luca, a stroller, and a Thanksgiving turkey up one time? Glad to hear you had so much fun this week – great ideas for exploring and keeping cool!

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