Super gemacht, John!

John had his long (dreaded?) awaited German test yesterday at FSI and passed with a 3/3 (reading/speaking) as I knew he would! We celebrated with cake (lovingly decorated by yours truly with the Austrian flag and colors) and ice cream and good friends and … a bounce house that made a special guest appearance in our apartment complex yesterday! {coincidence?}

So now it’s official – we are on countdown mode for yet again another move. 4 more weeks to Austria….Luca is excited to fly an airplane again and seems be taken it naturally that (again) some of his toys will go on the plane with us while other ones will meet us later in our new home…. it’s funny how this part of moving and going places like packing his bags and selecting toys seems to be normal for him now.

Alright – back to my lists now and figuring out all sorts of moving logistics. The lists seem to get easier each time we move but the saying “good-bye” to good old and new friends seems to be harder and harder each time around…


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