Counting down…

…yes, we are still alive – I’ve just been taking a vacation from the blog world for a while, in part because we are almost on our way out to post and that mean it’s about time to finish up all the shopping we till have left to do (hello Trader Joe’s – how much Maple syrup can we purchase today?). We’ve also been busy enjoying tons of fun outings like more trips to the zoo, countless Smithsonian institutions, country farms (check out this awesome farm if you’re in the area….we had so much fun picking fruit, feeding animals, and playing with endless play structures that we visited twice in one week), and hanging out with friends from near and far…. yes, we’ve been busy… and while we are super excited to be heading to another great spot in the world, we’re also dreading a little bit that we have to say ‘see you later’ to our friends and family…. so now, back onto researching fun things to do in Vienna so that I can  entertain the little ones … problem is (unlike our previous post), there are just so many fun options to choose from that it’s all a little bit overwhelming…. so in case there are any Vienna lovers out there, shoot me an email with your favorite spots!


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