Entertaining little ones on the flight

A good friend who is traveling to Australia in a few months with her two little girls asked me the other day what we do on the plane to keep the kids happy and out of everyone’s hair. There’s a bunch of great websites on traveling with kids like this one and that one and what works for our little travelers (aside, of course, from unlimited iPad and DVD time which we will make sure will be fully charged prior to take-off!) are new reading and activity books like these pictured here that are currently waiting in a secret little hiding spot before they are unleashed on our upcoming flight to post. The kids have their own backpacks that they pack with favorite toys, books, and activities each time before we travel anywhere so I’ll add a few of these new surprises to their loot and stash the other ones into my ginormous carry-on-sized purse to tame melt-downs and other unforeseen events…

A big time favorite in this household are sticker books so we have a bunch of them and I also found some fun coloring books with markers that only color the pages in the book and not the plane, window, or person next to you. And then, there are also new fun books on spaceships and astronauts for the little space lover and a new set of animal flash cards (the kids love flash cards – who would have guessed that could be an entertaining toy?!), and an Elmo and a Minnie Mouse book for the little monkey. Most of these finds were from the $1 shelf at Target and craft stores (and from Oma in her awesome “getting ready to fly with the kids” care package!).

And yes, I’ve also been busy downloading new apps for the iPad for Luca to try out on the flight. One of his favorite games is the Elmo loves ABC game that is actually pretty entertaining and educational…and Juliana has a new love for the Smurfs so I am sure I’ll be watching plenty of Smurf videos in addition to Thomas, the Tank Engine. And, I am sure we’ll be watching a number of videos on space shuttle launches, reentry, and flight simulation….And, perhaps we could schedule in some sleep and quiet time too? I guess we’ll see…


2 thoughts on “Entertaining little ones on the flight

  1. We have a space, shuttle, rocket loving 4 year old at our house! Our favorite space apps are NASA & Ascent. They have great videos about all things space! Your bags look great! Good luck with the flight!

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