Catching up….

What now? An entire MONTH has gone by without any updates? 
I am not quite sure how that happened….oh wait….that’s right…since you last heard, we moved into our permanent housing (LOVE it), got our first HHE/household delivery the day later, and the kids started preschool (and let’s just say that little girls don’t fare so well without their Mama’s so this turned out to be a rather tedious process of shuttling the kids to and from preschool for the very limited time Juliana could manage to stay….but all is looking up now and the kids are starting to enjoy that phase of their lives …as am I!).
So a quick recap on what you missed…
First day of preschool! Oh those smiles quickly vanished….oh yes, they did…
Many trips to the Prater amusement park…
Many fall festivals…
…and explorations with new foods … 
can you guess the gelato flavor?
…and the moment I officially turned into “awesome super Mom” – the day I introduced the chocolate croissant…can we say ‘happy’?
While our lives here were fun and game (well, except perhaps for the whole preschool thing!), this would not be a complete update as to why this blog has been silent so long. Recent world events contributed to my inability to formulate coherent thoughts and sentences and I admire fellow bloggers who eloquently spoke about the attacks on the US Embassies and Consulates and the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods (see here for example). Our foreign service family is quite small and when terrible things happen, we usually know a good handful of people directly and/or indirectly affected. This was no different. The families of those affected are in our thoughts and hearts.

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