First visitors!

Oma and Opa came to visit this past week and since they were our first visitors in Sao Paulo as well, I think they have just set themselves up for having to be our first visitors during our next post abroad! We will keep them to that so good luck saving all those frequent flier miles for our next unknown destination!
A super fun couple of days it was indeed….especially since Oma came prepared with sticker books to entertain little people…

…took them to the Zoo where we added yet another snake to our household….

…Opa took Luca for a wild ride…

Oma and I settled for the slower, kinder, hedgehog ride…

…and then Opa and I took to the sky and rode the Praterturm, which let me just reiterate for the nth time…is VERY high (117 m to be exact….or just high enough to where I could look only straight ahead but definitely NOT down)


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