And we are…..crib-free!

Oh yes….remember this post….it seems as though it was just yesterday that we kicked Luca out of his crib Luca moved up in the world and called his new big boy bed his own…but now….Juliana followed her big brother’s footsteps.

We said good-bye to our Canadian-made crib in Brazil and have lived off loaner cribs during our stunt in DC and here (hello embassy furniture!) but now that all of our HHE is finally here (‘yay’ for that and ‘boo’ for all that unpacking and organizing that falls onto my plate now) and since Jules really LOVES playing on top of Luca’s bed, we thought it’s time for her to have her own….so last night was her first night sleeping in freedom … outside of the gates so to speak. She did great, looked like a little sleeping princess when I checked on her before we went to bed and dutifully stayed in bed until her big brother announced that it was time to wake up. Yes, he still abides by the color of his alarm clock guiding him whether or not it’s alright for them to leave their room….it’s pretty awesome….

So fingers crossed, the little lady with a very keen mind of her own will continue to listen to her brother and stay in her room at night …. fingers crossed. Did I mention she has a mind of her own? Don’t even get me started about her outfits….yes, not even 2 years old and she has a BIG opinion on what she will and will not wear….which is why you see her pictured in her ‘rainbow PJs’ because the ‘monkey PJ’s’ she wore about 10 minutes before were suddenly deemed inadequate for her first night’s sleep in a big girl’s bed…. yeah, those are my battles these days. But she’s super cute and funny…I guess that balances out then, right?


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