The Hills Were Alive!

I admit it….the first time I watched “The Sound of Music” (as in…ever!) was a week before we left for Vienna. Nope, I had never seen it before then….I had kind of heard of it but never gotten around to actually watching it (no matter what you hear, it was just not a big movie in the German-speaking world in which I mainly grew up…). But you don’t really need to love the movie to fall in love with Salzburg – the city is just that beautiful and the scenery is amazing (oh yes, there were hills!). Of course, we majorly lucked out as we had beautiful sunshine the entire weekend while Vienna was kind of gloomy and grey.
We opted to stay a bit outside of town so that we could wake up to this….what was this about a dark sky in Vienna?
Fort Salzburg – our first castle of the trip….you can hike up to the top or take a funicular which was way more fun.
View from the top….

More Salzburg….

We took the bus to Schloss Hellbrunn – a “leisure” palace (as opposed to a working palace?) in which the bishop liked to play tricks on his guests by splashing them with water and unexpected moments….needless to say, it was a super fun tour!

Landscape behind the palace….

On our way home, we stopped at another castle (because, why not?) – high up in the mountains (Schloss Hohenwerfen) in which we managed to get a somewhat decent family shot…

And, finally, what is a successful family trip without a piece of Sachertorte?

Fun trip all around….visitors beware….we will be taking you here!

2 thoughts on “The Hills Were Alive!

  1. wow Nicole, I love the way you write… and incorporate the images etc. So lucky that you and your kids have the opportunity to travel around Europe. Ah you are livin the dream! Well deserved I might add :)I would love to visit you guys if I make my way back to Vienna… and perhaps we can climb a mountain or visit some of those hills in Saltzburg (as I grew up watching the Sound of Music)…Love to you and John,Margaret

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