Bohemian Beer (with a big helping of whine!)

This past weekend, we took to the road once again, this time heading to the Czech Republic, into the heart of Bohemia, to a small little city called “ČeskýKrumlov” (please don’t make me pronounce it!).
We expected a fun time (don’t we always have that on family trips?), cooperative kids (because they always travel so well!), and lots of Czech food and beer. Well, we had lots of good food and lots of fresh Bohemian beer….on the other front, well, not so much. I guess it was partially our fault as we knew this was going to be a hilly battle…I mean, why do people insist on building ancient forts and castles on top of hills with tiny cobblestone streets that are just so stroller unfriendly? Totally no forward planning…so we did the unthinkable in our 3-year old’s thinking and….(gasp) left the double stroller behind (end gasp). Because I was so not going to push that stupid & heavy thing up on any slope, nope….wasn’t going to happen.
We kind of expected him to “man” it up and walk happily along…. that didn’t happen. Cue in complaints about feet, ankles, knees, socks, shoes, arms (yes, arms) hurting from all that walking…it was cruel, indeed. Especially on our ears…. Whining aside, we managed to have lots of fun and saw a bit of the Czech Republic where we were, once again, at a loss for understanding anything…. (turns out, I am not so patient with that….I should probably work on this?) – thankfully the town was touristy enough so we got by with German and English!
Beautiful old town with lots of little side streets and cobble stone…

Ahhh….again, another weekend get-away without any rain!

On top of the castle….Luca made it!

Our John’s real purpose of the trip….a side trip to České Budějovice….the home of the Budweiser Budvar brewery 

So right after stopping to enjoy the square and take this photo, we rushed to the Beer Hall for a quick lunch (with beer) before we walked 3km (seriously) to the brewery for the only tour of the day (hello, off-season)….I am still not sure why Luca complained all the way…didn’t he see how much fun was to be had at a brewery?

Given the choice between the English and the German-guided tour, we opted with the German one (after all, John is expected to speak fluent German here so why take the easy way out?) – totally shocking to us, the German tour started late…well after 2pm! After the English tour already left!

Juliana didn’t care so much for the tour…or the beer…

In the cellar with this friendly chap…the whining came to an end (or at least we were able to tune it out)

And then off to the brewery restaurant since all that walking made us thirsty (see, we’re fun parents, we bring things for the kids to do to breweries so really no reason to whine or complain even if it took a bit of a walk to get there!)

On the way home, we opted to see another castle (with yet again a very catchy name) “Hluboká nadVltavou” on yet again, another hill…

Not everyone cared so much for the beauty of the scenery of the castle….apparently running through a pile of leaves is MUCH more fun…

And there you have it. Our weekend in review. Next up? Oh just wait and see….

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