Gluehwein season officially begins!!

After another fun, family trip to visit friends and family in Germany this past weekend (and to celebrate my 15-year high school reunion!), we returned to Vienna just in time to officially ring in “Gluehwein season” (mulled wine) … Oh yes, it is just about that time when the city transforms itself into one huge Christmas market so what are we to do other than test the hot wines, foods, and examine merchandise? 
Rathaus Christmasmarket…the biggest and most touristy but hey, they have mulled wine and treats, need we say more?
Maroni stands everywhere (roasted chestnuts)….
Stopping for a bite to eat (Kaesespaetzle….verdict: good but not as good as the one I make….guess that means I am going to be making it sometime soon…) … and yes, while Gluehwein is traditionally red (hot) wine, we ventured to try a “Hot Hugo” today as the “Hugo” was THE drink here over the summer….verdict: we’ll stick to Gluehwein the next time but hey, it looked pretty, right?

I enticed the kids this morning that we would buy new hats for them as keeping hats on their heads  seems to be a never-ending battle…so may I introduce our newest hat addition?

Yup, he picked it out all by himself…

Jules’ hat of choice (for once), the hat she brought from home…she was NOT interested in any of the other options…

Can I just say we made more than a few people break out into laughter as we waited for the tram on the way home…yes, we aim to entertain….mission accomplished 🙂


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