Because some asked….and others licked their computer screens

It seems that my Rahmschnitzel post from a while ago drew lots of attention and the fabulous husband has been begging requesting a repeat, so I dove right back into the German cuisine and whisked it up one more time today….and yes, it was just as delicious as before (again, the kids licked their plates clean). I am somewhat ashamed to reveal that it is indeed a super simple dish to create as long as you have all the right ingredients and are no opponent to dairy (if you are lactose-intolerant…well, let’s just say this is not the dish for you…). On top of that, it’s a super quick meal so you can prepare it while coloring endless Thomas, the Train Engine and Dora, the Explorer coloring books…you know, to entertain the super hungry crowd and to stop the ever recurring chanting of “I am hungry, Mama”.

All you need are:
– Schnitzels (cutlet cuts of pork, chicken, or veal….traditionally veal is used but I tend to use chicken)
– butter…oh what is life without it?
creme fraiche (aka, the yummy delicious dairy treat)
– about 2 vegetable bouillons
– a bit of water
– salt, black and white pepper, parsley

And then do this:
– heat non-skillet pan
– melt butter (don’t be shy, add enough to coat)
– brown chicken on each side (depending on thickness of cut about 4 min); season with salt and black pepper before flipping over
– remove cooked chicken and its sauces from pan
– add bouillons and a bit of water to deglaze the pan, scrape all those yummy parts into the sauce
– thicken sauce with plenty of creme fraiche
– cook delicious sauce to reduce – don’t be afraid to taste test and adjust spices (whisk to avoid clumps)
– when you are happy with the sauce, add cooked chicken and its sauces; heat to slight simmer
– finish sauce with white pepper and parsley

That’s the basic recipe….yeah, it’s that simple. I told you I was ashamed to admit the simplicity.

Now….if you want to get adventurous and add your own flavors, add some white wine to the deglaze or play around with spices or add flour and other thickening agents….

Best served with hearty potatoes. Veggie side dishes are not a part of the original German recipe…just saying 🙂


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