chodź chodź … or … "hotch hotch kids!"

Where to begin? Perhaps best to start all the way at the beginning which brings me to around April of this year when we freshly arrived in DC after a month of homeleave. I was ready to take on Washington DC alone with the kids (I mean, so much to do in that town, right???) while John was slaving away learning German but then I met probably one of the funnest families ever (newbies to FS life – fortunately for them we let them in on a few tips here and there). Life in our little bubble also meant that we almost lived next door (well, not quite, but you get the picture) and after spending a few “testing” outings with Kasia and her boys, we ended up spending pretty much every day together while in DC. And by day outings….I really do mean day trips like full-day ventures to parks, the zoo, museums, farms….pretty much anything we could find. 
I mean, it was perfect. The kids got along – they played and talked forever and I can’t seem to recall any fights ever taking place between any of them – and us parents hit it off too and there was never a shortage of fun or conversation (or wine…more on that later)….ever. It was the perfect family relationship….we rocked. Totally. 
And then we moved to Vienna….that part sucked. Well, not so much the moving to Vienna part but rather the moving away part. It was sad to say good-bye. The kids were just old enough to kind of understand that they weren’t going to see each other all the time so there were a few tears and lots of talk about moving and geography and oceans being in the way. But fortunately for us, we knew when we left the US that we would see each other again soon as family travels brought Kasia and her boys to Poland for a few weeks. And what’s Poland in distance when you’re in Vienna? That’s right….a “short” train ride. 
So this past week, we had the super fun pleasure of showing Kasia and her boys around Vienna….and what fun it was indeed. 
We tasted a few (ahem) types of Gluehwein and Punsch at the Christmas markets….
Opted for the Sachertorte at Cafe Central….

while Luca drooled over the other pastry options….

The kids tested the carousel rides….

…played for hours…

…snuggled up and watched some videos…

…feasted on hot dogs at the Christmas Markets.

And we completely forgot about that turkey and went out for pizza on Thanksgiving instead…

and devoured chocolate for dessert…

Us girls enjoyed a fabulous girls night out (with another super fun blogger!)…where there may have been a tad bit of wine involved (ahem)…

But see? We recovered again the next day to test out the “Hot Caipirinha” at the Tuerkenschanzpark Christmas Market…verdict? Cold is better than hot….

And then… all that fun came to an end when we had to, once again, part ways. Even though a subsequent meet-up has not been formalized yet (not sure how they managed to run away from that important rule we discussed at Day 1?), I know we will cross paths again somewhere….because who else can really improve our two or three current Polish phrases? Besides … I am totally convinced that Kasia’s hubby would love to continue our skype call following our girls night out… 🙂

In the meantime, we are signing off with a heart felt “hotch hotch” kids (i.e. come on, come on in Polish….apparently it’s spelled a little different than I tend to pronounce it “chodź”….please don’t ask me about the plural spelling….it’s something along the lines of “jammay jammay” but google translate has no idea what I am talking about!). We miss you guys already!


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