Recap: Weekend in Palaces

So what did you do this past weekend? We checked out two awesome palaces…you know, ’cause we can…
First up – Schloss Schoenbrunn, the summer home of the Habsburger right here in Vienna….kind of a nice place to live, right? We have been to the Vienna Zoo a number of times and I still love that you can stroll from the palace along beautiful lawns and statutes before making your way to see wild animals….because we all know, we need tigers and lions in our backyards around here (according to Juliana, there are tigers and lions who live in our neighbors’ garden….we have alerted them to avoid the awful headline of “woman mauled by tiger hidden in backyard despite repeating warnings by neighbor’s daughter”).

On our stroll around the palace garden, we admired old gates…

  …and then got silly…

…yup, the true fun of sightseeing here includes being thrown high into the air!

On Sunday we drove East until we reached the beautiful Schloss Hof where we admired the palace and its Christmas Village (that’s right…a whole village, not just a market!)

Go to love Gluehwein stands in the middle of medieval castle grounds…

Yes, this is a hard place to live…

More food and arts & crafts in the courtyard…

Where we also ran into these people – Nikolaus (or “Nikolo” as he’s called here) as well as the “Christkind” (in German tradition, it’s the Christ child who brings presents….and she’s a woman, apparently dressed in white with a posh red purse)

And it turns out that Nikolo had a treat for the kids…oh yeah, he’s pretty big in our house now these days!

And, what’s a Christmas Village without the obligatory train ride?

Or the obligatory green treat to take home?

Yes, sightseeing is hard work in this part of the world…


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