Baking overload…

It’s cold here… not quite arctic cold but it’s cold…and snowy…which is kind of fun but only when you figure out that you should keep hats and mittens on at all times to keep you warm (not an easy lesson for little girls around here especially those who were born in warmer climates)… so when we don’t want to run and play in the snow (which takes at least 15 minutes of prep work to locate and put on everyone’s winter gear!), we have been known – on occasion – to bake a few things, here or there…
The experienced baker-in-residence dipping the nut bars into chocolate…a newly acquired and quickly favorite skill… (got to love the post-nap hair ‘do)

 My favorite new finds here have been fun baking forms…a monkey for our little monkey…

And a snowman to remind us that it is very cold outside…

Adventsplaetzchen – Christmas cookies!

Kokosmakronen – coconut meringue cookies … made for the first time this year and DELISH!

Until next time – now I need to check on the banana bread that is slowly baking in my oven…

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