Got yarn?

Sssshhh…. another big secret is about to be revealed…. need a hint? 
Check out this fabulous guy’s scarf….

Pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Even more so if you knew that I….yes I….made it all by myself. That’s right – it used to be a ball of blue yarn not all too long ago and I somehow amazingly figured out (with the help from some awesome and crafty friends and my reliable old friend youtube and some cool reads) how to put beautiful yarn on knitting needs and twist and bend my fingers in strange ways to knit and purl to my heart’s desire….. until a scarf or something close to resembling one is created….pretty cool, right?

Well, until knitting the police arrived…

After a close inspection….

My new project didn’t pass….and hence was unraveled….and so I start again from scratch….

Not that I am bitter or anything 🙂


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