Parabens pra Juliana!

Where does the time go? 
Just a year ago, I took her to her first haircut on her first birthday back in Brazil (she has had about six hair cuts since then!)…
And in that year, she grew into an even cuter, funnier, and more opinionated little lady who is just a ray of sunshine in our life (ok, fine, she is sometimes….very rarely, really, a little bit of work. I did mention she was opinionated, right? Did I also mention she is terribly persistent??? Not sure where she got that from….ahem…)
She is the fashionista in our household, sporting cool shades and interesting color combinations, but hey, she is 2 now, so she can totally get away with it!

And she is also a chocolate-lover in training (being trained by the older brother, of course)…

Happy, happy birthday little girl 🙂 Please, don’t change for a minute!


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