Snow day out and about in Krems

So, the other day – this happened…

…about 40cm of snow [15″] made it to Vienna….yup, a record high. Apparently the last time it snowed that much was 26 years ago. So, what’s a Mom to do but take her kids sledding? And that we did. It took a bit of convincing but eventually they learned to have some fun in the snow.

On Day 3 of crazy snow (and crazy roads), we took a 1-hour train ride to the beautiful town Krems an der Donau (on the Danube) which had been on our list of places to visit. Now, this is a town you generally want to visit during the warmer seasons since it’s on the Austrian wine and Danube route but hey, we needed a new outing and had the day open (and super fun friends to come along) so why not?

It was a super fun trip with lots of snow that made pushing a double stroller extra fun (thanks to the hubby for doing that fun chore) but the scenery and small-town feel more than made up for the extra work we had to put in!

See, they did have fun in the snow?! Well, once they figured out for to throw a snowball!

Walking around Krems….beautiful small streets, lots of snow, cobblestone …. ah, the joys of pushing a stroller…

See the Danube in the background?

I loved these little gates all around town…

And, we even found a snowman!

And of course it would not be a perfect family outing unless it involves chocolate … lots of it. In the form of a “Krapfen” now the timely pastry for Fasching (Carnival) that’s happening here soon….

So, visitors to Vienna – make sure to add Krems to your list of places to come and see!


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