Carnival, Balls, and more Fun!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks – filled with fun outings when it wasn’t too cold, indoor activities (arts/crafts and lots of baking!) when no one wanted to step foot in the snow/ice/cold and/or rain, and two toddlers who decided to gang up on us on more than one occasion but, fortunately (at least for the moment!), we seem to be moving out of that phase (fingers crossed!).
Here’s what we’ve been doing while you have been missing us dearly…
Luca and I had a mother-son outing to the Planetarium for a children’s show (a mouse traveling to space….there seems to be an obsession with mice in German kids cartoons). It was a surprise trip that I had been planning for a while (and got postponed twice due to illness and snowcopalypses) and although he thought we were going to the aquarium (and henced kept on asking where the fish were….it took me a while to figure out what he was talking about), he ended up having a lot of fun and I am quite sure we’ll be back for more!
It’s also Carnival time here so we have been playing a lot in costumes – Juliana as Biene/Bee Juliana and Luca as the very sad (post tantrum and time out) clown…

I have made tremendous (?) progress in my knitting and managed to knit a hat for Juliana – all in all, I only watched the same youtube video about 25 times, emailed an expert knitter friend about a zillion times, and threw a pair of needles across the room only once…. and ta da – here’s the hat!

And here it is on Juliana – this will probably be the only picture with the hat on her ever as she is now completely refusing to wear it….

And then…. we had a Ball! Yup, it’s Ball Season in Vienna so of course, we had to go and test one out for ourselves. It wasn’t the glamorous Opera Ball but we had lots of fun. We also learned that for next time, we should probably look into some youtube videos on waltzing as it was amazing to see that about 99% of the dancers naturally broke into the Viennese waltz as if it were nothing …


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